About Us

We are a YouTube channel that makes videos of audiobooks with text or subtitles. That process however long and tedious, we manage to convert some audiobooks into videos. This does not pay us back as much as we would like to work full time on it.

Since YouTube is filled with simple audiobooks that only have one still image background, we try to put an effort so that a video becomes useful. As proven by the feedback, our videos have certain educational value to them. With on-screen script like a book, most readers find it easy to listen and read the book faster.


As it turns out we cannot cover all the books into videos yet, we think a website where you can find audiobooks as well as eBooks can help a lot of people who are searching for them separately. That’s where mysticbooks.org comes into play.


We are constantly adding books to our website’s digital shelf from public sources, so make sure to stick around. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to write us an email on our contact form✉️.



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