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Lifetime: 1863 - 1933 Passed: ≈ 90 years ago


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Alfred Sutro

Alfred Sutro was a renowned British playwright and novelist, known for his wit and skill in creating memorable characters. He was born in London in 1863, and began his career as a barrister before turning to writing full-time.

Sutro's principles centered around the power of storytelling and the ability of literature to bring people together. He believed that great literature could transcend social and cultural differences, and that stories had the power to unite people from all walks of life.

Sutro was famous for his plays, which were often witty and satirical. He was particularly known for his ability to create complex, multi-dimensional characters who were both relatable and memorable. Some of his most notable works include "The Walls of Jericho," "The Builder of Bridges," and "The Cave of Illusion."

In addition to his plays, Sutro also wrote a number of novels. One of his most famous works was "A Man of Genius," which explored the theme of obsession and the destructive power of unrequited love.

Sutro's philosophy was rooted in his belief in the power of human connection. He believed that stories had the ability to bring people together, and that great literature could bridge social and cultural divides. He also believed in the importance of individuality and self-expression, and encouraged others to pursue their passions and interests.

Alfred Sutro passed away in 1933, but his legacy as a master storyteller and skilled playwright lives on. He is remembered for his wit, intelligence, and ability to create characters that were both believable and captivating. Sutro's work has been adapted for stage and screen, and continues to be studied and appreciated by readers and theater-goers around the world.

An interesting fact about Sutro is that he was a close friend of the famous author Oscar Wilde, and even defended Wilde in court during his trial for homosexuality. This friendship and Sutro's defense of Wilde is indicative of his belief in the power of human connection and the importance of supporting those who were persecuted or marginalized.

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