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Alice Duer Miller

Alice Duer Miller was an American writer and poet who lived from 1874 to 1942. She was a versatile writer, producing works of fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction. Her life and works are an inspiration to many, and her contributions to literature are still recognized today.

Alice Duer Miller was known for her witty and insightful writing, which often commented on social issues of the day. Her work tackled subjects such as women's rights, suffrage, and gender roles. She was a fierce advocate for women's equality and believed in using her writing to effect change.

One of Alice Duer Miller's most famous works is the poem "The White Cliffs," which was published in 1917. The poem became a rallying cry for the Allied Forces during World War I and was later adapted into a popular musical. Another notable work by Miller is her novel, "Come Out of the Kitchen," which was later adapted into a successful Broadway play.

Alice Duer Miller's philosophy was rooted in a belief in equality and justice. She believed that women deserved the same rights and opportunities as men, and her writing reflected this belief. She also believed in using her writing to effect change and was not afraid to take on controversial issues.

Alice Duer Miller died in 1942, but her legacy lives on. She is remembered as a pioneering writer and a trailblazer for women's rights. Her works continue to be read and admired by readers around the world.

One interesting fact about Alice Duer Miller is that she was the first woman to serve as a member of the New York State Assembly. She was elected in 1925 and served two terms, during which she worked to pass important legislation on issues such as child labor and women's rights.

In conclusion, Alice Duer Miller was a remarkable writer and advocate for women's rights. Her contributions to literature continue to be recognized today, and her works remain popular with readers around the world. She was a trailblazer for women's equality and used her writing to effect change. Her life and works serve as an inspiration to writers and activists today.


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The Priceless Pearl

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The Burglar and the Blizzard

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Alice Duer was a successful American author who wrote poetry, novels and screenplays and campaigned tirelessly for women's suffrage. Her sister Caroline was an editor at Vogue magazine. This beautiful collection published in 1896 and the first of th...

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Are Women People? A Book of Rhymes for Suffrage Times

A collection of poetry and some other short works by suffragist Alice Duer MIller. Many of these satirical works were first published in the New York Times. The work consists of five sections: Treacherous Texts, Campaign Material (For Both Sides), Wo...

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Come Out of the Kitchen!

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