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Angela Brazil

Angela Brazil was a British author, born in the late 19th century, who rose to prominence as a writer of schoolgirl fiction. She wrote over 40 books that were popular among young girls and teenagers, particularly those set in boarding schools and featuring adventurous female characters.

Angela Brazil's writing was characterized by her love of adventure and her ability to write in a way that was both exciting and appealing to her young audience. Her books often featured strong, independent girls who were not afraid to take risks and engage in exciting activities. These stories were often set in boarding schools, which allowed Angela Brazil to explore themes of friendship, loyalty, and teamwork.

Angela Brazil's philosophy as an author was to provide young girls with stories that would inspire and empower them. She believed that girls should be encouraged to be adventurous, brave, and independent, and her books reflected these values.

Angela Brazil is remembered today as an important figure in the history of British children's literature. Her books have been re-issued and continue to be enjoyed by young readers today.

Fun fact about Angela Brazil: Her popularity as a writer led to the term "Angela Brazil" becoming synonymous with the schoolgirl fiction genre, similar to how the term "Enid Blyton" is often used to describe similar books.

Books by Angela Brazil

The Luckiest Girl in the School  Cover image

The Luckiest Girl in the School

Young Social Spirit School Children Adventure Friendship Childhood England

It tells the story of a young girl who is the luckiest in her school, not just because of her good fortune, but also because of her adventurous spirit and her warm personality. This book is often regarded as a classic of children's literature and is...

Bosom Friends: A Seaside Story Cover image

Bosom Friends: A Seaside Story

Novel Education
School Adventure Young adult fiction Friendship Sea stories Summer Classic Literature Girl's Story

Escape to the enchanting seaside in "Bosom Friends: A Seaside Story" by Angela Brazil, where lifelong friendships are forged, and the beauty of coastal living comes to life. In this captivating novel, the tranquil coastal town becomes the backdrop f...

Fortunes of Philippa Cover image

Fortunes of Philippa

The Fortunes of Philippa is based on the author's mother, Angelica Brazil, who had grown up in Rio de Janeiro and attended an English boarding school at the age of 10, finding the English culture, school life and climate confronting. (Summary by Wiki...

Fourth Form Friendship: A School Story Cover image

Fourth Form Friendship: A School Story

When Aldred is sent to Birkwood Grange she meets Mabel Farrington the parlor boarder who up until Aldred came had no best friends. To Aldred's surprise Mabel befriends her and shares with her the privileges of a parlor boarder. One day Aldred acciden...

Girls of St. Cyprian's Cover image

Girls of St. Cyprian's

Another of Brazil's tales of boarding school life. - Summary by Victoria Bell