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Lifetime: 1848 - 1914 Passed: ≈ 109 years ago


Actor, Playwright, Songwriter



Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas was an English actor, playwright, and songwriter, born in 1848. He is best known as the author of the farce Charley's Aunt, which has been performed countless times around the world since its debut in 1892.

What Were His Principles?

Thomas's principles as a playwright were to entertain and amuse his audience. He believed that comedy should be lighthearted and escapist, and his farces were full of physical humor, witty dialogue, and absurd situations.

What Was He Famous For?

Thomas is famous for his farces, which are known for their clever plots, fast-paced action, and over-the-top humor. His most famous play, Charley's Aunt, is a classic farce that tells the story of two young men who dress up their friend's aunt as a man in order to fool her into giving them permission to go out.

What Were His Notable Works?

In addition to Charley's Aunt, Thomas wrote a number of other successful farces, including Incog (1891), The Lucky Star (1894), The Man from Blankleys (1898), and The Earl of Pawtucket (1903). He also wrote a number of musicals and operettas, including A Gaiety Girl (1893) and The Geisha (1896).

What Was His Philosophy?

Thomas's philosophy was that comedy should be lighthearted and escapist. He believed that people should be able to go to the theater and forget about their troubles for a while. He once said, "I write farces because I believe that the world needs laughter more than anything else."

When Did He Die and How Is He Remembered?

Thomas died in 1914 at the age of 65. He is remembered as one of the masters of English farce. His plays are still performed regularly today, and they continue to entertain audiences of all ages.

Anything Interesting to Know About the Author?

Thomas was a talented musician as well as a playwright. He wrote the lyrics for a number of popular songs, including "The Girl Who Broke My Heart" and "The Absent-Minded Beggar." He was also a member of the Savage Club, a London dining club for actors and writers.


Brandon Thomas was a gifted playwright and songwriter who left a lasting legacy on the world of theater. His farces are still enjoyed by audiences today, and they continue to inspire new generations of playwrights.

Books by Brandon Thomas

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Charley's Aunt

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Two young men, a matchmaking aunt, and a fortune hunter in a farcical comedy of mistaken identity! Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas is a classic farce that has been performed countless times around the world since its debut in 1892. The play tells t...