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United States

Carey Rockwell

Carey Rockwell was a prolific American author who wrote a series of books in the 1920s and 1930s that captured the imagination of young readers around the world. He is best known for his Tom Corbett, Space Cadet series, which is still enjoyed by fans of science fiction and young adult literature to this day.

Born in 1899, little is known about Rockwell's early life or his real identity. It is believed that Carey Rockwell was a pseudonym used by Grosset & Dunlap, the publishers of the Tom Corbett books. Nevertheless, his work had a significant impact on young readers, inspiring many of them to pursue careers in science and technology.

Rockwell's principles were based on a belief in the power of imagination and a love for science and exploration. His writing encouraged young people to dream big and to imagine a world beyond the limits of their own experience. He believed that science fiction had the potential to inspire young people to pursue careers in science and technology, and his books were a reflection of this philosophy.

The Tom Corbett, Space Cadet series, which was published between 1950 and 1955, is undoubtedly Rockwell's most famous work. The series followed the adventures of three young cadets as they trained to become officers in the Space Patrol, a futuristic law enforcement agency tasked with maintaining order in the galaxy. The books were a perfect blend of science fiction, adventure, and coming-of-age drama, and they quickly became a sensation among young readers.

In addition to the Tom Corbett series, Rockwell also wrote a number of other books, including the Mark Tidd series and the Jerry Todd series. While these books were not as successful as the Tom Corbett books, they still had a dedicated following and showcased Rockwell's talent for writing engaging and imaginative stories.

Rockwell's philosophy of encouraging young people to pursue careers in science and technology was ahead of its time. Today, we recognize the importance of STEM education and the need to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Rockwell's books continue to be popular among young readers, and they serve as a reminder of the power of imagination and the importance of pursuing one's dreams.

Rockwell died in 1958, but his legacy lives on. His books have been adapted into radio dramas, comic books, and even a television series. Today, the Tom Corbett, Space Cadet series is considered a classic of science fiction and young adult literature, and it continues to inspire young people to pursue their passions and explore the world around them.

One interesting fact about Carey Rockwell is that despite his success as an author, very little is known about his true identity. Some have speculated that he may have been a group of writers working under a single pen name, while others believe that he may have been a fictional character created by Grosset & Dunlap to promote their books. Whatever the truth may be, there is no denying the impact that Carey Rockwell and his books have had on generations of readers.

Books by Carey Rockwell

The Revolt on Venus (Dramatic Reading) Cover image

The Revolt on Venus (Dramatic Reading)

Science Fiction Novel
Future Revolution Thriller Freedom Violent Desire Experiences

The book takes place in the distant future, where humanity has colonized the planets of our solar system. In this world, the people of Venus are ruled by a despotic dictator who oppresses them and refuses to allow them to seek independence. But a gro...

The Space Pioneers Cover image

The Space Pioneers

Science Fiction Novel
Adventure Skills Space Planets Journey Life

The story follows a group of intrepid space explorers as they travel to distant planets and encounter strange new life forms. Along the way, they face a range of challenges and dangers, including hostile aliens, treacherous terrain, and malfunctionin...

Stand by for Mars Cover image

Stand by for Mars

Tom Corbett - Space Cadet was one of the first multimedia sensations. In the 1950s the character had his own radio show, TV series, comic book, breakfast cereal, and a line of young-adult novels. A cross between "Tom Brown's School Days" and Horatio...

Danger in Deep Space Cover image

Danger in Deep Space

The year is 2353. Tom Corbett is a cadet with the Space Academy, training to become a member of the elite Solar Guard. Sent on a top-secret mission across the stars, Tom and his fellow crew members discover the nature of true loyalty, as they battle...

On the Trail of the Space Pirates Cover image

On the Trail of the Space Pirates

Tom Corbett is the main character in a series of Tom Corbett — Space Cadet stories that were depicted in television, radio, books, comic books, comic strips, and other media in the 1950s. The stories followed the adventures of Corbett and other cadet...

Sabotage in Space Cover image

Sabotage in Space

This book is part of the on-going adventures of Tom Corbett in the Space Cadet Stories. Tom, Astro and Roger are determined to find the saboteurs but get framed in the process, risking court martial and expulsion from the Space Academy. NOTE: Carey...

Treachery in Outer Space Cover image

Treachery in Outer Space

The sixth book in the Grosset & Dunlap "Tom Corbett - Space Cadet" series. Shipmates Tom, Astro, and Roger are assigned to oversee an interplanetary race, but their destination, Titan, faces trouble - trouble in the very atmosphere. Will the intrepi...

Revolt on Venus Cover image

Revolt on Venus

Space Cadets Tom Corbett, Roger Manning and Astro head to Venus for a tyrannosaurus hunt. Instead, they stumble on rebellion that threatens the entire Solar Alliance. - Summary by Rich Brown Narrator: Jessica MartinCadet Tom Corbett: Phil Cheneve...