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Lifetime: 1858 - 1941 Passed: ≈ 83 years ago


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Catherine Radziwill

Catherine Radziwiłł (née Rzewuska) was a Polish-Russian aristocrat, writer, adventurer, socialite, journalist, and author. She was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1858 to a wealthy and influential family. Radziwiłł spent her early years living in Russia and Germany, but she eventually moved to Paris, where she became a well-known socialite and figure in the literary world.

What were her principles?

Radziwiłł was a complex and controversial figure. She was a strong advocate for women's rights and social justice, but she was also known for her flamboyant lifestyle and her love of luxury. Radziwiłł was a staunch critic of the Russian Revolution and the rise of communism, and she used her writing to promote her views.

What was she famous for?

Radziwiłł is best known for her memoirs and biographies of European royalty and aristocracy. She also wrote a number of novels and essays on a variety of topics, including politics, society, and culture. Radziwiłł's writing was popular in both Europe and the United States, and she was one of the most widely read authors of her time.

Notable works

Some of Radziwiłł's most notable works include:

  • Memoirs of Forty Years (1914)
  • The Royal Marriage Market of Europe (1915)
  • The Austrian Court from Within (1916)
  • Sovereigns and Statesmen of Europe (1916)
  • Rasputin and the Russian Revolution (1918)
  • Confessions of the Czarina (1918)
  • Catherine the Great (1932)
  • The Empress Frederick (1934)
  • The Last Days of Romanoff (1937)


Radziwiłł's philosophy was based on her belief in the importance of individual freedom and individual responsibility. She was also a strong advocate for social justice and equality. Radziwiłł believed that everyone had the potential to achieve great things, regardless of their social class or background.

Death and legacy

Radziwiłł died in New York City in 1941 at the age of 82. She is remembered as a gifted writer, a socialite, and a controversial figure. Radziwiłł's work provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of European royalty and aristocracy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

How is she remembered?

Radziwiłł is remembered as a complex and fascinating figure. She was a gifted writer, a socialite, and a controversial figure. Radziwiłł's work provides a valuable historical record of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Books by Catherine Radziwill

Rasputin and the Russian Revolution Cover image

Rasputin and the Russian Revolution

Non-Fiction Biography
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Unveiling the Enigma: Delve into the Intriguing Tale of Rasputin and the Russian Revolution with Catherine Radziwill. Step into the shadowy corridors of history and witness a captivating narrative that unravels the enigmatic figure of Rasputin again...