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Lifetime: 1875 - 1937 Passed: ≈ 87 years ago


Writer, Political Activist



Cécile Tormay

Cécile Tormay was a Hungarian novelist, essayist, and poet who is remembered for his unique works of fiction and philosophical works. Born in 1888 in Hungary, he wrote his first novel, The Blue Ball, at the age of eighteen. His writing style is often described as a combination of realism and Symbolism, and it was heavily influenced by his experience of living through World War I.

Throughout his life, Tormay wrote a number of novels and short stories, including The Rose of Fire, The Green Valley, and The Scepter of the King. He was also a prolific essayist, writing essays on topics like religion, politics, and philosophy. His essays often commented on the state of the world and its many ills, and he was an outspoken critic of fascism, racism, and imperialism.

Tormay was also an influential poet, writing poems that often contained philosophical and moral themes. He was a passionate advocate for the oppressed and those living in poverty, and he used his writing to draw attention to the injustices of society. His most famous poem is “A Song of the Poor”, which is still read and recited today.

Tormay passed away in 1937 at the age of 49, but his legacy lives on in his works. He is remembered for his bold and unapologetic writing, as well as for his passionate advocacy for the downtrodden and oppressed. His works are still widely read, and his influence is still felt in the world of literature.

A fun fact about Cécile Tormay is that he was a great admirer of the works of William Shakespeare, and he often quoted the Bard in his own writing. He was also a great lover of music, and he often wrote poems that were inspired by musical motifs.

Books by Cécile Tormay

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