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Charles R. Gibson

Charles R. Gibson was an American author, journalist, and illustrator who made significant contributions to the literary world during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born in 1867 in Boston, Massachusetts and started his career as a newspaper artist before becoming an author. Gibson's principles included a strong work ethic and a dedication to creating engaging and high-quality literature that would entertain and inspire readers.

Gibson was famous for his novels, short stories, and illustrations, which often centered around American life in the early 20th century. His notable works include "The Widow's Offering," "The Redemption of David Corson," and "The Street of Adventure," among others. Gibson was also known for his illustrations for popular magazines like Harper's Weekly and The Saturday Evening Post.

Gibson's philosophy was rooted in his belief in the power of literature to educate and entertain readers. He was a proponent of the Realism movement in literature, which sought to capture the complexities of everyday life and the struggles of ordinary people. Gibson's writing often dealt with themes of love, loss, and redemption, and he was skilled at creating vivid characters and immersive settings that drew readers in.

Charles R. Gibson passed away in 1936, leaving behind a legacy of influential literature and artwork. He is remembered as a skilled storyteller and illustrator who captured the spirit of American life during a transformative period in the country's history. Today, his works continue to be appreciated for their literary and artistic merit, and many of his books and illustrations remain popular among readers and collectors.

An interesting fact about Charles R. Gibson is that he was a prolific writer and illustrator who produced over 100 novels and short stories during his career. He was also known for his philanthropic work, and he supported a number of charities throughout his life.

Books by Charles R. Gibson

The Romance of Modern Electricity Cover image

The Romance of Modern Electricity

History Romance Astronomy Physics Mechanics Explore Development Electricity Experiments

It is a book that delves into the history and advancements of electricity. It provides readers with a detailed account of how electricity has evolved over time, from the discovery of electricity to the development of modern electrical appliances. Or...

The Romance of Modern Photography Cover image

The Romance of Modern Photography

Romance Science
Romantic Picture Beauty Art Journey Passion Emotion Experiences

In this visually stunning masterpiece, Charles R. Gibson invites readers to delve into the fascinating realm of contemporary photography. Published in [1908], this book showcases the author's deep passion for the art form while offering valuable insi...

The Romance of Modern Manufacture Cover image

The Romance of Modern Manufacture

Non-Fiction Science
Modernist Exploration Industrial Technology Historical Manufacturing

In the heart of the bustling industrial age, a captivating tale of ingenuity and innovation unfolds in "The Romance of Modern Manufacture" by Charles R. Gibson. Journey back to a time when the clank of machinery and the whir of gears heralded a revol...

Autobiography of an Electron Cover image

Autobiography of an Electron

"While many scientific men now understand our place in the universe, we electrons are anxious that every person should know the very important part which we play in the workaday world. It was for this reason that my fellow-electrons urged me to write...