Lifetime: 1878 - 1934 Passed: ≈ 90 years ago





Charles S. Brooks

Books by Charles S. Brooks

Wappin' Wharf: A Frightful Comedy of Pirates Cover image

Wappin' Wharf: A Frightful Comedy of Pirates

Fiction Novel
Marine Adventure Comedy Pirates Satire Nautical Delightful

What if the pirates you've read about in books and seen in movies were actually a bunch of bumbling fools? Wappin' Wharf: A Frightful Comedy of Pirates is a hilarious and satirical take on the pirate genre. Written by Charles S. Brooks, the book fol...

At The Sign of The Greedy Pig Cover image

At The Sign of The Greedy Pig

Fiction Drama Novel
Play Mystery Ancient Village Act Legend Desire Legends Pigs

In the heart of a quaint, sleepy village, hidden away from the prying eyes of the modern world, lies "At The Sign of The Greedy Pig" by Charles S. Brooks—a place where secrets, enchantment, and delectable mysteries intertwine. In this mesmerizing tal...

Hints to Pilgrims Cover image

Hints to Pilgrims

In this collection of 17 short essays, Charles S. Brooks (1878-1934), with the usual panache and wit, which he also displays in his comedies, describes funny incidents that can happen to people on holidays or in everyday life. His two "frightful" co...

Journeys to Bagdad Cover image

Journeys to Bagdad

In these 10 short and witty essays, author Charles S. Brooks (1878-1934) muses on various topics, as wide-ranging as Shakespeare, travelling to foreign countries, or even fashion (night-caps and hoopskirts), to name only a few. - Summary by Sonia