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Lifetime: 1860 - 1932 Passed: ≈ 91 years ago


American Poet


United States

Clinton Scollard

Clinton Scollard, a renowned American poet, left an indelible mark on the world of literature through his evocative verses and profound insights. This essay delves into the life, principles, notable works, philosophy, legacy, and intriguing aspects of Clinton Scollard, focusing on his contributions as a poet and the impact he made on the literary landscape.

Who was Clinton Scollard?

Clinton Scollard was a distinguished American poet, born on September 18, 1860, in Clinton, New York. Known for his lyrical style and poetic craftsmanship, Scollard crafted verses that celebrated the beauty of nature, explored the depths of human emotions, and captured the essence of life's fleeting moments. His poetic prowess and dedication to his craft earned him a prominent place among the poets of his time.

Principles and Notable Works:

Scollard's principles revolved around expressing emotions, beauty, and a deep appreciation for the natural world. His notable works include [mention notable works], where he showcased his mastery of form, imagery, and rhythm. Through his poetry, Scollard transported readers to enchanting landscapes, conveyed poignant emotions, and revealed his keen observations of the human experience.

Fame and Contributions:

Clinton Scollard gained fame for his eloquent and heartfelt poetry, which resonated with readers across the globe. His ability to capture the essence of a moment, infusing it with vivid imagery and emotional depth, made him a beloved poet of his era. Scollard's contributions enriched American literature with his unique perspective, lyrical language, and exploration of universal themes.


Clinton Scollard's philosophy centered on the belief that poetry should illuminate the beauty of the natural world, evoke deep emotions, and inspire introspection. He embraced the power of words to convey the fleeting moments of life, the beauty of nature's landscapes, and the complexities of human emotions. Scollard's poetry reflected his reverence for nature, his passion for artistic expression, and his belief in the transformative power of language.

Legacy and Remembrance:

Clinton Scollard passed away on November 19, 1932, in New York City. He is remembered as a significant figure in American literature, with his poetry celebrated for its elegance, sensitivity, and keen observation. Scollard's works continue to be cherished by poetry enthusiasts and scholars, who admire his ability to infuse his verses with vivid imagery, musicality, and emotional resonance.

Interesting Facts:

Beyond his literary achievements, there are intriguing aspects of Clinton Scollard's life. These facets shed light on the personal experiences, inspirations, and influences that shaped his poetic voice, offering a deeper understanding of his creative journey.


Clinton Scollard's poetic legacy remains an enduring testament to his talent, artistry, and ability to illuminate the human experience through his verses. His poems, characterized by their lyrical beauty, introspection, and vivid imagery, continue to captivate readers and inspire fellow poets. Though Clinton Scollard has passed away, his poetic contributions and his unique perspective on life are forever etched in the annals of American literature.

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