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United States

De Lysle Ferrée Cass

De Lysle Ferrée Cass was a writer of fantasy short stories. He had at least six stories published pre-World War I in magazines from the Munsey pulp stable. These include: "Oahula the Carnivorous" (The All-Story March 1913); "Pilgrims in Love" (The All-Story Sep and Oct 1913); "The Love Caprice" (The All-Story November 1913); "Love Goes Blindly" (The All-Story Dec 1913); "The Man Who Could Not Die" (All Story March 1914 and The All-Story Mar 7, 1914); and "The White Spot" (All-Story Cavalier Weekly, Oct 24 and 31, 1914). His stories for the Munsey pulps are marked by a frank eroticism unusual for its time, together with frequent settings in Oriental climes.

Cass was born in Chicago March 14, 1887. He attended Amherst College between 1908 and 1910 but left the school before graduation. He also attended Wesleyan College for one year.

He had a varied career largely as an editor and a writer. Out of college, he became associate editor for The Novelty news. There followed a long string of positions as editor or advertising representative for various trade journals, including The Office Outfitter, Towns Magazine, Boot and Shoe Recorder, Cook County Real Estate Board Quarterly, Dry Goods Guide and The Scoop.

In 1916 he married Norma Dorgan, who had once written an effusive letter about his work to the All-Story Weekly. They had a daughter, Denny.

Cass died on March 20, 1973, aged 86.

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