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Edward Harold Visiak

Edward Harold Physick (20 July 1878 – 30 August 1972) was an English writer, known chiefly as a critic and authority on John Milton; also a poet and fantasy writer. He used the pseudonym E. H. Visiak from 1910.

Early life and education

Visiak was born in Ealing, London, to Edward James Physick (the younger), a sculptor, and his wife, Emma (née May). He was educated at Hitchin Grammar School (now Hitchin Boys' School), and became a clerk with the Indo-European Telegraph Company. He contributed poetry to The New Age and Dora Marsden's Freewoman. During World War I the poetry he wrote, in opposition to it, cost him his job. When conscription was introduced, he became a conscientious objector. After a short time teaching he became an independent scholar, living very quietly.

Literary career

Visiak's first book of poetry, The Shadow, was published in 1908. He went on to publish several more collections of poetry, including The Haunted Island (1910), Medusa (1929), and The War of the Schools (1933). He also published several novels, including The Strange Genius of David Lindsay (1970) and The Mirror of Conrad (1955).

Visiak's work is characterized by its use of symbolism and its exploration of the darker side of human nature. He was influenced by the work of writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, and Arthur Machen.


Visiak's philosophy was influenced by his interest in mysticism and the occult. He believed that there was a spiritual dimension to the world that was not accessible to the senses. He also believed that art could be a way of accessing this spiritual dimension.

Death and legacy

Visiak died in Hove, Sussex, on 30 August 1972, at the age of 94. He is remembered as a minor but significant figure in the history of English literature. His work is still read by some today, and he is considered to be a pioneer of the fantasy genre.

Interesting facts

  • Visiak was a lifelong vegetarian.
  • He was a member of the Theosophical Society.
  • He was a friend of the poet David Lindsay.
  • His work was influenced by the work of the Symbolist poets.
  • He is considered to be a pioneer of the fantasy genre.

Books by Edward Harold Visiak

The Haunted Island Cover image

The Haunted Island

Action Horror
Spirit Adventure Thriller Suspense Supernatural Fiction Secret Intriguing Ghosts Haunted

On a desolate island shrouded in mystery, the whispers of an enigmatic past echo through the chilling wind, beckoning those brave enough to uncover the truth. In "The Haunted Island" by Edward Harold Visiak, an atmospheric tale of suspense and super...