Lifetime: 1869 - 1943 Passed: ≈ 81 years ago





Elizabeth W. Grierson

Elizabeth Wilson Grierson was born at Whitchesters, a farm near Hawick in the Scottish Borders, where she also lived as an adult. She published more than 30 books, including several collections of Scottish fairy stories, folk tales and ballads, and travel guides to Edinburgh and Florence.

Books by Elizabeth W. Grierson

The Scottish Fairy Book Cover image

The Scottish Fairy Book

Fiction Fairy Tale
Children Treasure Culture Myths Childhood Legends Folk lore

In the enchanting realm of Scottish folklore, where ancient mysticism meets the rugged landscapes, Elizabeth W. Grierson invites readers on a mesmerizing journey with "The Scottish Fairy Book." Unveiling a tapestry of timeless tales, Grierson's colle...