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Lifetime: 1854 - 1930 Passed: ≈ 94 years ago


Teacher, American Author


United States

Eva March Tappan

Eva March Tappan was a teacher and American author born in Blackstone, Massachusetts, the only child of Reverend Edmund March Tappan and Lucretia Logée. Eva graduated from Vassar College in 1875. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and an editor of the Vassar Miscellany. After leaving Vassar she began teaching at Wheaton College where she taught Latin and German from 1875 until 1880. From 1884–94 she was the Associate Principal at the Raymond Academy in Camden, New Jersey. She received graduate degrees in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. Tappan was the head of the English department at the English High School at Worcester, Massachusetts. She began her literary career writing about famous characters in history and developed an interest in writing children books. Tappan never married.   

Books by Eva March Tappan

Heroes of the Middle Ages  Cover image

Heroes of the Middle Ages

Nationalism Biography Hero Life Middle Ages

"The object of this book is to bring together stories of the most important movements in the history of Europe during the Middle Ages, and to make familiar the names of the most important figures in those scenes. I have endeavoured to weave a tapestr...

Dixie Kitten Cover image

Dixie Kitten

Adventure Humour
Animal Young Children Nature Sympathy Cats

It is a story of a mischievous kitten and its adventures. Originally published in the early 20th century, this timeless tale has captivated generations of young readers with its charming illustrations and heartwarming storyline.

The World’s Story Volume III: Egypt, Africa and Arabia Cover image

The World’s Story Volume III: Egypt, Africa and Arabia

Poetry History Non-Fiction
Future Kingdom Ancient Culture Poems Life Past

A journey through the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Africa, and Arabia awaits you in this captivating book. The World's Story Volume III: Egypt, Africa, and Arabia by Eva March Tappan is a comprehensive and engaging history of these three regions...