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Lifetime: 1856 - 1937 Passed: ≈ 86 years ago




United States

Frank H. Spearman

Frank Hamilton Spearman was an American author.

Spearman was known for his books in the Western fiction genre and especially for his fiction and non-fiction works on the topic of railroads. The books were illustrated by leading artists, such as N. C. Wyeth for Whispering Smith.

Although he wrote prolifically about railroads, his actual career was that of a bank president in McCook, Nebraska, and did not himself work for a railroad. Spearman was also a devout Roman Catholic convert and held political views best described as proto-Libertarian, both of which beliefs are also reflected in his novels.

His western novel Whispering Smith—the title character of which was modeled on real-life Union Pacific Railroad detectives Timothy Keliher and Joe Lefors (though the name of the titular hero was apparently derived from another UPRR policeman, James L. "Whispering" Smith)—was made into a movie on eight separate occasions, four silent films in 1916, 1917, 1926, and 1927, with later versions in 1930, 1935, 1948, and 1952. There was also a TV series in 1961.

Most of his novels have been reprinted frequently. For example, The Paper Tiger press brought out reprints in 1996, complete with the original illustrations.

Books by Frank H. Spearman

The Daughter of a Magnate Cover image

The Daughter of a Magnate

Love Nature Action Travel America Accident United States Environment

This is an American Western without any bad guys. The main characters are trains, and the elements---snow, terrain, weather and water. Frank Spearman wrote six novels about the building, and early days, of the transcontinental railroad. This was his...

Whispering Smith Cover image

Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith, like most of Frank Spearman's western novels (and some non-fiction as well) are set in the world of railroads, in the late 1800's. The main character, Gordon Smith, is a railroad detective; he first appears in this novel, then later...

Laramie Holds The Range Cover image

Laramie Holds The Range

As with most of Frank Spearman's novels (and non-fiction), "Laramie Holds the Range" is set in the West during our early railroad days. He used the best of the illustrators of the day, such as N.C. Wyeth. Occasionally, a character would appear in m...

Robert Kimberly Cover image

Robert Kimberly

The novel is set among the wealthy of the Northeast in the USA of the early 1900's. A close knit group of about ten couples in high society visit each others homes for dance, drink, conversation and partying. The male members are mostly affiliated wi...