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Lifetime: 1871 - 1959 Passed: ≈ 64 years ago




United Kingdom

Frank W. Boreham

Frank William Boreham was a Baptist preacher best known in New Zealand, Australia, and England. 

Boreham's birth coincided with the end of the Franco-Prussian War. He could say in later life, "Salvoes of artillery and peals of bells echoed across Europe on the morning of my birth." He was one of 10 children. 


Boreham heard the great American preacher Dwight L. Moody during his youth. On another occasion he was badly injured and spent considerable time in hospital recovering, nursed by a Roman Catholic woman who widened his insight of ecumenism. 


Boreham became a Baptist preacher after conversion to Christianity while working in London. He was probably the last student interviewed by Charles Spurgeon for entry into his Pastor's College. After graduation, Boreham accepted a ministry at Mosgiel church, Dunedin, New Zealand, in March 1895 and there began his prolific writings, initially for the local newspaper. 


He later was a pastor in Hobart, Tasmania, and then on mainland Australia in Melbourne at Armadale and Kew. 


He notionally retired in 1928 at age 57, but continued to preach and write. During Billy Graham's evangelistic campaign in Australia in early 1959 Graham sought out Boreham for a discussion, due in great part to Boreham's widely read and respected writings.

Books by Frank W. Boreham

A Bunch of Everlastings Cover image

A Bunch of Everlastings

Non-Fiction Religion Biography
Christianity Religious Commentary

A collection of brief biographies and the text from scripture that was significant in the life of each. It is biography and devotional Bible study expertly woven together to produce interesting and inspirational stories.

The Uttermost Star, and Other Gleams of Fancy Cover image

The Uttermost Star, and Other Gleams of Fancy

Literature Home Christianity Stars Religious

In this volume, Boreham invites us to enter his book and his thoughts as if we were honored guests entering his home, with an evening of hospitality and fellowship before us.

The Golden Milestone Cover image

The Golden Milestone

Religion Glory Christianity Forgiveness Church Imagination

In this volume, the author has "tried to point out a few of the things that make [the world] so loveable. If something I have said," he writes, "makes somebody somewhere more glad to be alive, I shall be inclined to forgive this truant pen of mine it...

The Other Side of the Hill, and Home Again Cover image

The Other Side of the Hill, and Home Again

Death Autobiography Challenges Christianity Life Spirituality

In this volume, Boreham challenges us to view things from a perspective we may not be accustomed to–from the other side of the hill, as it were–and then to return home with a fresh outlook.

The Silver Shadow, and Other Day Dreams  Cover image

The Silver Shadow, and Other Day Dreams

Dream Reflection Christianity Short Works

Boreham admits that this volume is but a collection of his reflections on things. But he hopes that by viewing the reflections, we will be more apt to take notice of the things themselves than if we had looked directly at them in full light of day.

The Luggage of Life Cover image

The Luggage of Life

Philosophy Non-Fiction Religion
Realism Faith Reflection Religious Wisdom Spirituality Inspirational Resilience Introspection Sorrow

It takes us on a captivating journey where the profound meets the mundane, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. With a touch of eloquence and a dash of wit, Boreham invites readers to explore the intricacies of existence, encapsulated in the metap...

A Reel of Rainbow Cover image

A Reel of Rainbow

Beauty Religion Imagery Reflection Journey Christianity Life Short Works England

In Frank W. Boreham's captivating collection of essays, A Reel of Rainbow, readers are invited to embark on a literary adventure that explores the beauty and wonder of everyday life. Through a tapestry of vivid storytelling, Boreham uncovers the extr...

Mushrooms on the Moor Cover image

Mushrooms on the Moor

Essays Religion
Spirit Imagery Death Faith Reflection Philosophical Christianity Life Observation God Joys

"Mushrooms on the Moor" takes readers on a captivating journey through the mystical moors and verdant glens, where Frank W. Boreham weaves a tapestry of enchanting stories inspired by the wonders of nature. With a mesmerizing blend of prose and poetr...