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Lifetime: 1865 - 1932 Passed: ≈ 91 years ago




United States

Harold Jacoby

Harold Jacoby was an American astronomer, born in New York City. 

Jacoby graduated at Columbia in 1885. He applied himself to astronomical research, and was appointed assistant astronomer for the United States eclipse expedition to West Africa (1889–90). 


He became professor of astronomy at Columbia University in 1894, and chaired the department until shortly before his death. Columbia's Rutherfurd Observatory was started during his tenure, with a twelve-inch Clarke refractor telescope and a transit instrument emplaced atop Pupin Hall. 


Jacoby made many observations of celestial events such as lunar and solar eclipses. He was well known in Europe and America, and was a member of a large number of scientific groups. He published Practical Talks by an Astronomer (1891, 1902), Astronomy: A Popular Handbook (1913) and Navigation (1917).

Books by Harold Jacoby

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Practical Talks by an Astronomer

Non-Fiction Science
Astronomy Physics Mechanics Planets Stars

The present volume has not been designed as a systematic treatise on astronomy. There are many excellent books of that kind, suitable for serious students as well as the general reader; but they are necessarily somewhat dry and unattractive, because...