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Lifetime: 1914 - 1990 Passed: ≈ 34 years ago




United States

Harold L. Goodwin

Harold Leland Goodwin was an American writer. Known to his friends as Hal Goodwin, Goodwin wrote popular science books, mostly about space exploration, as Harold L. Goodwin, "Hal Goodwin" and "Harold Leland Goodwin". He also wrote children's books as Blake Savage (Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet) and John Blaine (the Rick Brant series). In the latter case, he co-wrote (with Peter J. Harkins) the first three books in the series and wrote books 4 through 24 by himself.

In 1947, he wrote The Feathered Cape, a boy's adventure novel set in Hawaii. It was based on events leading up to the Battle of the Nu'uanu Valley (1795) in the war for Hawaiian unification.

He had three sons from two different marriages; Alan, Chris and Derek. He died from cardiac arrest.

Books by Harold L. Goodwin

The Blue Ghost Mystery Cover image

The Blue Ghost Mystery

Adventure Action
Marine Mystery Ghost Story Civil War

When the ghost of a Civil War soldier, killed visiting his sweetheart across enemy lines, comes back to haunt the Virginian locals at an old mine, Rick Brant and his ex-marine colleague Scotty decide to investigate.

The Wailing Octopus Cover image

The Wailing Octopus

Marine Battle Travels Thriller Island Suspense Greed

It follows the journey of a marine biologist, Dr. Terry Kent, as he investigates a mysterious and deadly creature terrorizing a small island in the Pacific. First published in 1947, "The Wailing Octopus" is a classic work of adventure fiction that h...

Smugglers' Reef Cover image

Smugglers' Reef

Adventure Fiction
War Action Treasure Courage Wealth Detective Fiction Danger Secret

In the sun-drenched Florida Keys during the Prohibition era, a restless former POW named Tal Howard finds himself haunted by the tale of buried treasure shared by a fellow soldier who never made it home. The only clue: a cryptic reference to a girl n...

Caves of Fear Cover image

Caves of Fear

Entry in the Rick Brant series by Goodwin under the name John Blaine, which began in 1947. 'Rick and Scotty travel to the Himalayas again, this time to stop nuclear materials from falling into the wrong hands.' says Wikipedia. - Summary by BellonaTi...

Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet Cover image

Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet

"Foster, Lieutenant, R. I. P.," blared the voice horn, and five minutes later Rip Foster was off into space on an assignment more exciting than any he had ever imagined. He could hardly believe his ears. Could a green young Planeteer, just through hi...

Boy Scouts in Russia Cover image

Boy Scouts in Russia

Thrown out of Russia by a powerful relative, a young American Boy Scout, Fred Waring, meets his Russian cousin, Boris Suvaroff, and together they discover the secrets of the advancing German army. Through perilous escapes, secret passages, and being...

Flying Stingaree Cover image

Flying Stingaree

First published in 1963, this is another adventure in the Rick Brant Science series, set on Chesapeake Bay and involving mysterious, sting ray-shaped drones and missing persons. (synopsis by Matt Pierard)