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Lifetime: 1840 - 1921 Passed: ≈ 102 years ago


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Henry Austin Dobson

Henry Austin Dobson was an English poet, biographer, and essayist born on January 18, 1840, in Plymouth, Devon. He was the eldest son of George Clarisse Dobson, a civil engineer, and Frances Mary Dobson, a talented watercolorist. Dobson received his education at the Gymnasium at Strasbourg, France, before returning to England in 1856. He began his career as a civil servant in the Board of Trade in 1856 and remained in government service until his retirement in 1901.

Dobson is known for his literary works and his contribution to English literature. He believed in the art of writing and expressed his thoughts and emotions through his writing. His literary principles were based on simplicity, clarity, and precision. He was a firm believer in the power of poetry and its ability to evoke emotions in the reader. His works are characterized by their formal style and the use of classical allusions.

Henry Austin Dobson was famous for his poetry, biographical and critical works, and his editing skills. Some of his notable works include "At the Sign of the Lyre," "Eighteenth-Century Vignettes," "Old-World Idylls," "Collected Poems," "The Ballad of Beau Brocade," and "Proverbs in Porcelain." His biographical works include "Thomas Bewick and His Pupils," "Hogarth," "Richard Steele," "Horace Walpole," and "Fanny Burney." His critical works include "The Classicists of the Restoration," "Fielding," and "William Hogarth." He also edited the works of other poets, including Thomas Gray and Matthew Prior.

Dobson's philosophy was centered around the belief that literature and art should provide a window into the past. He believed that by understanding the works of previous generations, people could gain a better understanding of their own place in history. He was a keen observer of society and used his writing to document the changes he saw taking place around him.

Henry Austin Dobson died on September 2, 1921, at the age of 81. He is remembered as a distinguished writer and an important figure in the development of English literature. His contributions to the study of eighteenth-century literature are still highly regarded, and his poetry continues to be appreciated for its elegant style and wit.

One interesting fact about Henry Austin Dobson is that he was a close friend of Robert Louis Stevenson. The two writers often corresponded and shared their works with each other. Dobson was also a talented musician and was a member of the Athenaeum Club, a private members' club in London.

In conclusion, Henry Austin Dobson was a prominent English poet, biographer, and essayist who made significant contributions to English literature. His literary works, biographical and critical works, and his editing skills are highly regarded. He believed in the power of literature to provide a window into the past and document societal changes. Dobson is remembered as an important figure in the development of English literature, and his works continue to be appreciated by readers today.


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