Portrait of Henry Handel Richardson


Lifetime: 1870 - 1946 Passed: ≈ 78 years ago


Australian author



Henry Handel Richardson

Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson (3 January 1870 – 20 March 1946), known by her pen name Henry Handel Richardson, was an Australian author.

The Canberra suburb of Richardson was gazetted in 1975 and is named after Henry Handel Richardson. In the same year, she was honoured on a postage stamp bearing her portrait issued by Australia Post.

One of the houses at Abbotsleigh School for Girls in Wahroonga, Sydney is named after Richardson.

Richardson Hall, one of the residential halls at Monash University's Clayton campus, is named after Richardson.

Books by Henry Handel Richardson

The Getting of Wisdom Cover image

The Getting of Wisdom

Fiction Novel
Innocence Fear Judgement Redemption

The subject of this book is a young woman: an awkward, insecure, restless and ‘knowing’ child who learns that self-realisation depends on rebellion and escape, but that the latter will first demand at least the semblance of conformity. In telling lie...

Australia Felix Cover image

Australia Felix

The story of Richard Mahony, a doctor trained in Edinburgh who comes to Ballarat in the gold rush of the 1850s. At first he runs a shop but later he marries and returns to medical practice. His story is interwoven with that of his wife's brothers and...