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Lifetime: 1873 - 1958 Passed: ≈ 66 years ago


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Henry Major Tomlinson

Henry Major Tomlinson was a British writer and journalist who is best known for his poignant and evocative tales of the sea. Born in 1873, Tomlinson spent much of his life at sea, serving as a merchant seaman before becoming a journalist and then a successful author. He was a prolific writer who produced novels, short stories, essays, and travelogues that were widely acclaimed for their vivid descriptions, powerful themes, and deep insights into the human condition.

Tomlinson's work was deeply influenced by his experiences at sea, and he often wrote about the harsh realities of life on the ocean. His stories captured the beauty, danger, and wonder of the sea, as well as the resilience and strength of the sailors who navigated its treacherous waters. He was also known for his keen observations of human nature and his ability to capture the complex emotions and relationships that exist between people.

One of Tomlinson's most famous works is his novel "The Sea and the Jungle", which chronicles his journey through the wilds of South America. Published in 1912, the book is a vivid and powerful account of his travels and is widely regarded as one of the greatest travelogues of all time. Other notable works by Tomlinson include "Old Junk", "All Our Yesterdays", and "Gallions Reach".

Tomlinson's philosophy was rooted in a deep sense of humanity and a belief in the fundamental goodness of people. He saw the world as a place of wonder and beauty, but also as a place of suffering and hardship. His writing reflected his belief that it was possible to find meaning and purpose in even the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

Tomlinson died in 1958, but his work continues to be celebrated for its lyrical prose, powerful themes, and vivid descriptions. He is remembered as a master storyteller and a writer who had a profound understanding of the human condition. His legacy lives on through his many books, which continue to captivate and inspire readers around the world.

One interesting fact about Tomlinson is that he was a member of the Royal Society of Literature and was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in recognition of his contributions to literature. He was also a close friend of several other notable writers of his time, including Joseph Conrad, H.G. Wells, and D.H. Lawrence.


Books by Henry Major Tomlinson

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The Sea and the Jungle

Adventure Novel
Beauty Nature Action Sea Thriller Sailor Jungle Forest Journey

The book recounts the thrilling journey of a group of sailors as they navigate the treacherous waters of the Amazon River and the perilous jungles that surround it. Set in the early 20th century, "The Sea and the Jungle" takes readers on a vivid and...