Lifetime: 1869 - 1930 Passed: ≈ 94 years ago




United States

Henry Wallace Phillips

Books by Henry Wallace Phillips

Plain Mary Smith: A Romance of Red Saunders Cover image

Plain Mary Smith: A Romance of Red Saunders

Romance Fiction
Love Young Action Adventure Life

The young Red Saunders wanted to be a good boy. And he was a good boy, except for his quick temper and quicker fists. By the time he was 16 he knew he had to leave home, leave town, leave the life he knew. And that’s when life became really interesti...

Trolley Folly Cover image

Trolley Folly

This collection of eleven short stories is packed with Henry Wallace Phillips' offbeat humor. You will find a trolley car driver, bored with his route, who decides to drive around town instead. There are a couple of men unfamiliar with the basic prop...