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Jerome K. Jerome

Author, Playwright, Editor


Lifetime: 1859 - 1927 Passed: ≈ 95 years ago

Jerome was inspired by his older sister Blandina's love for the theatre, and he decided to try his hand at acting in 1877, under the stage name Harold Crichton. He joined a repertory troupe that produced plays on a shoestring budget, often drawing on the actors' own meagre resources – Jerome was penniless at the time – to purchase costumes and props. After three years on the road with no evident success, the 21-year-old Jerome decided that he had enough of stage life and sought other occupations. He tried to become a journalist, writing essays, satires, and short stories, but most of these were rejected. Over the next few years, he was a school teacher, a packer, and a solicitor's clerk. Finally, in 1885, he had some success with On the Stage – and Off (1885), a comic memoir of his experiences with the acting troupe, followed by Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (1886), a collection of humorous essays which had previously appeared in the newly founded magazine, Home Chimes,the same magazine that would later serialise Three Men in a Boat.


Jerome, in full Jerome Klapka Jerome, (born May 2, 1859, Walsall, Staffordshire, Eng. —died June 14, 1927, Northampton, Northampton shire), English novelist and playwright whose humor—warm, unsatirical, and unintellectual—won him wide following.




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