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Lifetime: 1859 - 1927 Passed: ≈ 96 years ago


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Jerome K. Jerome

Jerome was inspired by his older sister Blandina's love for the theatre, and he decided to try his hand at acting in 1877, under the stage name Harold Crichton. He joined a repertory troupe that produced plays on a shoestring budget, often drawing on the actors' own meagre resources – Jerome was penniless at the time – to purchase costumes and props. After three years on the road with no evident success, the 21-year-old Jerome decided that he had enough of stage life and sought other occupations. He tried to become a journalist, writing essays, satires, and short stories, but most of these were rejected. Over the next few years, he was a school teacher, a packer, and a solicitor's clerk. Finally, in 1885, he had some success with On the Stage – and Off (1885), a comic memoir of his experiences with the acting troupe, followed by Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (1886), a collection of humorous essays which had previously appeared in the newly founded magazine, Home Chimes,the same magazine that would later serialise Three Men in a Boat.

Jerome, in full Jerome Klapka Jerome, (born May 2, 1859, Walsall, Staffordshire, Eng. —died June 14, 1927, Northampton, Northampton shire), English novelist and playwright whose humor—warm, unsatirical, and unintellectual—won him wide following.

Books by Jerome K. Jerome

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Cover image

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

Fiction Humour
Friend Idle Thoughts Murder

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, published in 1886, is a collection of humorous essays by Jerome K. Jerome. It was the author’s second published book and helped establish him as a leading English humorist. The book consists of 14 independent articles...

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Cover image

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Comedy Humour Novel

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog), published in 1889, is a humorous account by English writer Jerome K. Jerome of a two-week boating holiday on the Thames from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford and back to Kingston. The book was initially...

Idle Ideas in 1905 Cover image

Idle Ideas in 1905

Humour Essays
Short Works Social Analysis

Back in 1905 Jerome K. Jerome shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects, including "Should Women Be Beautiful?", "Should Soldiers Be Polite?" and "Is The American Husband Made Entirely Of Stained Glass?". Each subject is analysed and commented on...

Three Men on the Bummel Cover image

Three Men on the Bummel

Comedy Fiction Novel
Travels Forest Cycling

Three Men on the Bummel (also known as Three Men on Wheels) is a humorous novel by Jerome K. Jerome. It was published in 1900, eleven years after his most famous work, Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog).

Told after Supper  Cover image

Told after Supper

Horror Humour
Christmas Ghost Story Humorous Fiction Criticism Supernatural Fiction

The narrator tells us that it is Christmas Eve at his Uncle John's, at no. 47 Laburnum Grove, Tooting. Christmas eve... the only night in the year on which it is considered correct, within the regulations of English society, to tell ghost stories. In...

Diary of a Pilgrimage Cover image

Diary of a Pilgrimage

Comedy Novel
Travelling Pilgrimage Culture Passion Humorous Fiction Germany

Diary of a Pilgrimage is a novel by Jerome K. Jerome published in 1891. It tells of a trip undertaken by Jerome and his friend "B" to see the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany.

Fanny and the Servant Problem Cover image

Fanny and the Servant Problem

Comics Problems Life Relationships Fun Orphans

"It is so sad when relations don't get on together." "Sadder still when they think they've got a right to trample on you, just because you happen to be an orphan and - I don't want to talk about my relations. I want to forget them. I stood them for n...

Woodbarrow Farm Cover image

Woodbarrow Farm

Farm Children Comics Challenges Success Struggle Life Experiences

The book tells the story of a family who decides to leave their city life behind and start a new life on a farm. The novel follows the journey of the Boldero family, who moves to the countryside and purchases Woodbarrow Farm. They are not experience...

All Roads Lead to Calvary Cover image

All Roads Lead to Calvary

History Novel War
Fear Death Sacrifice Loss World Wars Historical Human Spirit Human Condition

It is an intriguing and captivating novel that takes readers on a journey through the tumultuous events of World War I. Written by Jerome K. This book offers a unique perspective on the war and its impact on individuals' lives. Published in 1919, sho...

Stage Land Cover image

Stage Land

A comic look at the curious habits and customs of the inhabitants of 'Stage Land'. Dedicated to 'that highly respectable but unnecessarily retiring individual, of whom we hear so much but see so little, "the earnest student of drama".'

Tea-table Talk Cover image

Tea-table Talk

As the New York Times said in 1903, this lesser-known work by Jerome K. Jerome does not display "the wit of Congreve or even the glittering sort Mr. Jerome employs in some of his other books." It takes the form of imaginary conversations between the...

They and I Cover image

They and I

A man and his three children leave the “Little Mother” at home in the city and set up temporary housekeeping in a country cottage to supervise the remodeling of the house he has just purchased there. The story is narrated by the father. His interacti...

Second Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow Cover image

Second Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow

A second volume of humorous essays on various subjects, following the success of Idle thoughts Of An Idle Fellow. (Summary by Chris Garbett)