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John Breck

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The Jay Bird Who Went Tame Cover image

The Jay Bird Who Went Tame

Animal Nature Humanity Birds Rural Environment

The Jay Bird Who Went Tame is a children's story about different animals from the nature relating with humans in a rural environment.

Mostly About Nibble the Bunny Cover image

Mostly About Nibble the Bunny

Animal Nature Storm Fortune Fun

Follow, “A Very Small Bunny Has a Very Big Adventure” as Nibble Rabbit romps through the clover patch and into the woods where he founds the other woodland creatures including Doctor Muskrat, Chatter Squirrel, Hooter the Owl, and Silvertip the Fox.

Nibble Rabbit Makes More Friends Cover image

Nibble Rabbit Makes More Friends

Adventure Fiction
Love Animal Travels Nature Fun

Enjoy the further adventures of Nibble Bunny as he travels through wood and dell where he meets so many more friends such as Chaik Jay, Chewee the Chickadee, Doctor Muskrat, Chirp Sparrow, the White Cow, and Great-grandfather Mouse.

Tad Coon's Tricks Cover image

Tad Coon's Tricks

Adventure Fiction
Detective Action Fun

Tad Coon is always in trouble with all his tricks. Follow his adventures with Nibble the Rabbit, Stripe the Skunk, Doctor Muskrat, and his other friends. What is going on in the hen house?

The Wavy Tailed Warrior Cover image

The Wavy Tailed Warrior

Fairy Tale
Animal Children Nature Childhood Wildlife Warriors

This is a children's story about a skunk and his different animals friends such as cows, snakes, mice and rabbits who share a forest together.

Tad Coon's Great Adventure Cover image

Tad Coon's Great Adventure

Animal Prison Nature Fun

“Tad Coon was lost! And Doctor Muskrat and Nibble felt pretty discouraged over their chances of ever seeing him again.” Tad Coon’s adventures may get him in trouble. Will his friends in the woods be able to help him? This is one of the Told at Twilig...

The Bad Little Owls Cover image

The Bad Little Owls

Animal Escape Nature

The Bad Little Owls may have caused some trouble with Killer the Weasel but can all of the other Woodsfolk friends work together to escape the danger and keep the woods and pond safe for everyone? Join Nibble Rabbit, Chaik Jay, Stripes Skunk, Watch t...

The Sins of Silvertip the Fox Cover image

The Sins of Silvertip the Fox

Adventure Novel
Animal Nature Sin Mischief Wild West

Silvertip the Fox isn't the only one up to mischief! There are the plots of the bad little owls and even Tommy who almost loses his temper. But learn how Nibble Rabbit rescues Red Cow, and the secret he has. Whit Cow has a story of her own, and there...