Lifetime: 1842 - 1916 Passed: ≈ 108 years ago




United States

John Ingram

John Henry Ingram was an English biographer and editor with a special interest in Edgar Allan Poe.

Ingram was born at 29 City Road, Finsbury Square, Middlesex, and died at Brighton, England. His family lived at Stoke Newington, recollections of which appear in Poe's works.

H. Ingram dedicated himself to the resurrection of Poe's reputation, maligned by the dubious memoirs of Rufus Wilmot Griswold; he published the first reliable biography of the author and a four volume collection of his works. Sarah Helen Whitman correspondence with Ingram, with her letters from Poe and a daguerrotype portrait, was added to the library of material he was assembling; Ingram's Poe collection is now held at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia.

Books by John Ingram

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Claimants to Royalty

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Autobiography Deception Impersonation Deceit Lying

A compilation of chronicles of the numerous impostors and impostures of kings, queens, and rulers. The list of claimants to the thrones of defunct monarchs is a lengthy one, the chronicles of nearly every civilized country affording more or less nume...