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Lifetime: 1861 - 1927 Passed: ≈ 96 years ago


Writer , Lawyer


United States

John Luther Long

John Luther Long was an American lawyer and writer best known for his short story "Madame Butterfly", which was based on the recollections of his sister, Jennie Correll, who had been to Japan with her husband a Methodist missionary.

Born in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Long had been admitted to the bar in Philadelphia on October 29, 1881, and become a practicing lawyer. On January 17, 1882, he married Mary Jane Sprenkle. He died at age 66 on October 31, 1927 having spent the last two months of his life at a sanatorium in Clifton Springs, New York. The obituary in The New York Times of November 1, 1927 quoted his own interpretation of himself as "a sentimentalist, and a feminist and proud of it".

With David Belasco he wrote the four act play Adrea which starred Mrs. Leslie Carter and which ran for 123 performances at the first Belasco Theatre. His one act play Dolce was staged at the Manhattan Theater on April 24, 1906, starring Minnie Maddern Fiske.

Books by John Luther Long

Madame Butterfly Cover image

Madame Butterfly

Fiction Biography
Romance General Fiction

Madame Butterfly is the story of the young Japanese girl Cho-Cho San, who marries a flighty American naval officer, and is thenceforth outcast from her relatives. Anxiously she awaits the return of her beloved husband, but when he finally anchors in...

Little Miss Joy-Sing Cover image

Little Miss Joy-Sing

Romance Adventure Fiction Fairy Tale Novel
Spirit Children Tradition Fate Individuality Destiny Betrayal Music Obstacles Coming-of-age Mysterious

In the enchanting world of ancient China, where music holds the power to transcend boundaries, lies the captivating tale of Little Miss Joy-Sing by acclaimed author John Luther Long. Step into a realm where melodies weave spells, and destiny intertwi...