Lifetime: 1877 - 1947 Passed: ≈ 76 years ago


Novelist, Author


United States

John Ulrich Giesy

John Ulrich Giesy was an American author born in 1877, known for his imaginative and groundbreaking works of science fiction and fantasy. He was a prolific writer, publishing over 300 stories in various genres throughout his lifetime. Giesy's writings were heavily influenced by his background as a lawyer, which is evident in the attention to detail and logic that characterizes his work.

Giesy believed in the power of imagination and the importance of creating worlds and characters that captured the reader's imagination. He was a firm believer that good storytelling was the key to creating a successful piece of literature, and he devoted his life to crafting intricate plots and well-developed characters that kept readers engaged.

One of Giesy's most notable works was the "Barsoom" series, which he co-wrote with Edgar Rice Burroughs. This series introduced readers to a world of adventure and excitement, filled with aliens, battles, and strange creatures. The series was hugely popular and helped to establish Giesy as a major force in the science fiction genre.

Giesy's philosophy was rooted in the belief that the imagination was the most powerful tool available to writers. He believed that by harnessing the power of the imagination, writers could create stories and characters that transcended the limits of everyday life, taking readers on journeys to places they had never been before.

Giesy passed away in 1947, but his legacy lives on through his many works of literature. He is remembered as one of the pioneers of the science fiction genre and a master of storytelling. His work continues to inspire and entertain readers to this day.

In addition to his writing, Giesy was also a member of the Theosophical Society and was interested in mysticism and spiritualism. He was known for his eccentric personality and was rumored to have practiced telepathy and other psychic phenomena.

One interesting fact about Giesy is that he wrote under many different pseudonyms throughout his career, including "Victor Rousseau," "John Ulrich," and "H. H. Hermon." This allowed him to explore different genres and styles without being constrained by the expectations of his readers.


Books by John Ulrich Giesy

Ebenezer's Casket Cover image

Ebenezer's Casket

Science Fiction Novel
Adventure Explore Discovery Wealth God Immortality

It tells the story of Ebenezer and his quest for immortality. The novel is a thrilling adventure that explores the dangers of unchecked technological progress and the consequences of playing God. The story is set in a world where science has advance...

Palos of the Dog Star Pack Cover image

Palos of the Dog Star Pack

Science Fiction Novel
Animal Adventure Imaginative Planets America Technology Relationships Earth United States

It tells the story of Palos, a dog from the planet Sirius who is sent to Earth on a mission to save his home planet from destruction. Along with his pack of intelligent dogs, Palos must navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Earth and its human inhabitan...

The Mouthpiece of Zitu  Cover image

The Mouthpiece of Zitu

Science Fiction Novel
Young Imaginative Forest Journey Legend Race Life

The story revolves around a young man named Paul Brixton, who is tasked with finding a mythical ruby known as the "Mouthpiece of Zitu." According to legend, whoever possesses the ruby will have the power to control the minds of others. As Paul embar...

Jason, Son of Jason Cover image

Jason, Son of Jason

Science Fiction Novel
Action Adventure Ancient Voyage Moral Journey Destiny Conflict Relationships

In this, John Ulrich Giesy weaves a spellbinding narrative that follows the footsteps of Jason's courageous son. As the young hero embarks on a perilous journey, he confronts treacherous foes, unravels ancient prophecies, and discovers the true measu...