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Lifetime: 1834 - 1892 Passed: ≈ 131 years ago


Writer, Poet


United States

Josephine Pollard

Josephine Pollard (J. P. Pollard) was an American hymn writer, author and poet.

Pollard published over a hundred hymns, and wrote numerous popular children's books mostly on religious and historical topics. She worked as an editor for the Sunday School Times and worked for the Methodist Book Concern, where she edited a magazine intended for African Americans. Pollard also wrote for other children's magazines such as The Little Corporal. Her poetry was published in a number of magazines including Harper's Magazine and Scribner's Magazine, as well as the New York Ledger. Some of her children's poetry was collected in the book Elfin land published in 1882.

In her children's books she neither talked over the child's head nor down to it in tones of condescension. Her works have seen a recent resurgence as early readers, spurred by the home-school movement.

Pollard was born in New York City one of seven children of architect Calvin Pollard and his wife Electra. She attended the Spingler Institute, an exclusive girls' school. Pollard was a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church, and attended the North Presbyterian Church on Ninth Avenue. She was a founding member of the professional women's club Sorosis. She never married. Josephine Pollard died in New York City after a long illness on 15 August 1892.

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