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Lifetime: 1440 - 1518 Passed: ≈ 506 years ago


Mystic Poet, Saint




Kabir was a 15th century Indian poet and mystic who is considered one of the most important figures in the Bhakti movement, a movement that emphasized the personal devotion and love of God. Kabir was born in the Indian city of Varanasi and was raised in a Muslim family. However, his teachings and poetry drew from a wide range of spiritual and philosophical traditions, including Hinduism, Islam, and Sufism.

Kabir is believed to have received spiritual teachings from various sources, including his parents and his own inner realization. Some accounts suggest that he may have received instruction from a Hindu guru, while others suggest that he was self-taught. Kabir's teachings emphasize the importance of love, compassion, and personal realization in the spiritual journey. He taught that God is present in all things and that the individual soul is an inseparable part of the divine.

Kabir spent his last days in the city of Magahar, in present-day Uttar Pradesh, India. It is not clear how he died, but some accounts suggest that he died in Magahar at the age of 120. Kabir is revered by Hindus and Muslims alike, and is considered one of the most important spiritual figures in Indian history. His teachings and poetry continue to be widely studied and admired today.

Books by Kabir

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Songs of Kabir

Spirit Religion Divinity

Songs of Kabir is a 1915 book consisting of 100 poems of Kabir, the 15th-century Indian poet and mystic, translated to English by Rabindranath Tagore. In this book Kabir has combined the philosophies of Sufism and Hinduism. The book had an introducti...