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Lifetime: 1850 - 1943 Passed: ≈ 81 years ago




United States

Laura Richards

Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards was an American writer. She wrote more than 90 books including biographies, poetry, and several for children. One well-known children's poem is her literary nonsense verse "Eletelephony".

Laura Elizabeth Howe was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 27, 1850. Her father was Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, an abolitionist and the founder of the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind.[1] She was named after his famous deaf-blind pupil Laura Bridgman.[2] Her mother Julia Ward Howe wrote the words to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

In 1871, Laura married Henry Richards. He would accept a management position in 1876 at his family's paper mill at Gardiner, Maine, where the couple moved with their three children. In 1917 Laura won a Pulitzer Prize for Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910, a biography, which she co-authored with her sisters, Maud Howe Elliott and Florence Hall.

She died on January 14, 1943 at Gardiner, Maine, 44 days before her 93rd birthday.

Books by Laura Richards

Florence Nightingale the Angel of the Crimea  Cover image

Florence Nightingale the Angel of the Crimea

Victorian Autobiography Culture Reputation Crimean War

Florence Nightingale was an English social reformer, statistician and the founder of modern nursing training and theory. She significantly reduced death rates during the Crimean War by improving hygiene and living standards.

Five Mice in a Mouse-trap by the Man in the Moon Cover image

Five Mice in a Mouse-trap by the Man in the Moon

Fiction Novel
Family Dream Children Adventure Imaginative Determination Moon

"Five Mice in a Mouse-trap by the Man in the Moon" by Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards is a whimsical and enchanting tale that begins with a captivating premise. Imagine a world where mice gather at night to share their extraordinary adventures, guided...

Abigail Adams and Her Times Cover image

Abigail Adams and Her Times

Non-Fiction Biography
Equality Autobiography Justice Challenges Life America United States Resilience

In "Abigail Adams and Her Times" by Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards, embark on an enthralling journey through the captivating life of one of America's most influential and trailblazing First Ladies. Unveiling the extraordinary tapestry of Abigail Adams...

The Joyous Story of Toto Cover image

The Joyous Story of Toto

Fiction Novel
Animal Nature Treasure Friendship Imagination Secret Universe

In the enchanting world of "The Joyous Story of Toto" by Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards, a whimsical journey unfolds, weaving a tapestry of wonder and adventure. The story begins with an enigmatic discovery—the unexpected unearthing of a long-lost tre...