Lifetime: 1876 - 1924 Passed: ≈ 99 years ago




Laura Rountree Smith

Books by Laura Rountree Smith

The Tale of Bunny Cotton-Tail Cover image

The Tale of Bunny Cotton-Tail

Fiction Fairy Tale
Animal School Children Nature Nautical Childhood

Little Bunny Cotton-tail is a very naughty bunny. He runs away, he won't go to school, and he keeps nibbling on Farmer Jones' cabbage! Mother Bunny will have to ask for help to get her little bunny to behave.

Twinkle Toes and His Magic Mittens Cover image

Twinkle Toes and His Magic Mittens

Fairy Tale
Young Children Adventure Education Kindness Friendship Childhood Magic

It is a story that teaches the power of friendship and the importance of helping others. This charming tale follows the adventures of a little boy named Twinkle Toes who finds a pair of magical mittens that allow him to help those in need. The book...