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Lifetime: 1879 - 1933 Passed: ≈ 90 years ago


Novelist, Screen Writer


United States

Louis Joseph Vance

Louis Joseph Vance was an American novelist, screenwriter, and film producer who was born in Washington, D.C. on September 19, 1879. He is best known for creating the character of Michael Lanyard, a criminal-turned-detective known as "The Lone Wolf."

Vance's principles were based on his belief in the importance of individualism, adventure, and romance. He believed that individuals should be free to pursue their own destinies, and that adventure was a necessary part of life. He also believed that romance was a powerful force that could inspire and uplift people.

Vance was famous for his novels, which were known for their fast-paced plots, exciting action sequences, and memorable characters. His most notable works include the "Lone Wolf" series, as well as the novels "The Brass Bowl," "The Lone Wolf Returns," and "The Desert Moon."

Vance's philosophy of life was one of optimism and hope. He believed that people could overcome any challenge if they were willing to work hard and never give up. He also believed that the world was a better place because of the adventurous spirit of individuals.

Vance died on December 16, 1933 in New York City. He is remembered as one of the most popular and influential novelists of his time.

Books by Louis Joseph Vance

Joan Thursday Cover image

Joan Thursday

Fiction Novel
Detective Murder Love Mystery Skills Deception Justice Memory

In a world of danger and intrigue, one woman stands alone. She is Joan Thursday, a master of disguise, a skilled fighter, and a brilliant detective. Joan Thursday is a young woman who has always been fascinated by disguise and deception. She is also...

Black Bag Cover image

Black Bag

Mr. Philip Kirkwood, a not so successful painter, receives a visitor from his home town in America, who wants him to do him an unspecified favor, but Kirkwood doesn''t trust him and sends him away. That night, he sees the stranger dine with his beaut...

Lone Wolf Cover image

Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is the first of eight books in a series featuring the jewel thief turned private detective Michael Lanyard. With his identity betrayed and the police on his heels, he must fly from Paris, which is made much more difficult by his self-im...

False Faces Cover image

False Faces

This is the second book in the Lone Wolf series. Michael Lanyard had turned his back on his career as gentleman-thief and started a respectable life, when World War I wrecks his life. With his family dead and the spy Ekstrom alive after all, his spec...

Red Masquerade Cover image

Red Masquerade

In the beginning of his career, Michael Lanyard alias The Lone Wolf, the most talented thief of his day, made the acquaintance of the beautiful Princess Sofia, but he also made an enemy of her husband, Prince Victor. Years later, Lanyard's daughter g...