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Lifetime: 1862 - 1920 Passed: ≈ 104 years ago





Lucien Poincare

Lucien Poincaré was a distinguished French physicist.

Poincaré was born at Bar-le-Duc July 22, 1862. After a distinguished academic career he became in succession inspector general of physical science in 1902, director of secondary education at the Ministry of Public Instruction in 1910, director of higher education in 1914 and rector of the Academie de Paris in 1917. In that capacity he received President Wilson at the Sorbonne on the occasion of his visit to Paris for the Peace Conference. He was the brother of French Prime Minister Raymond Poincaré and cousin of mathematician and theoretical physicist Henri Poincaré.

Poincaré died in Paris March 9, 1920.

Books by Lucien Poincare

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The New Physics and Its Evolution

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