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Lifetime: 1474 - 1533 Passed: ≈ 490 years ago


Italian poet



Ludovico Ariosto

Books by Ludovico Ariosto

Orlando Furioso (Canti 05-12) Cover image

Orlando Furioso (Canti 05-12)

Love Epic Romance Comedy Honor Humanity Italy Resilience Romantic Adventure

"Orlando Furioso (Canti 05-12) di Ludovico Ariosto" è un'epopea avvincente che trasporta i lettori in un vortice di avventure, amore, e follia. Immergiti nel mondo magico dell'eroe cavalleresco Orlando, che, accecato dalla gelosia, si lascia trascina...

Orlando Furioso Cover image

Orlando Furioso

Epic Heroic Adventure Romance The Knight Chivalrous Magic Fantasy

In the enchanting realm of chivalry and romance, a whirlwind of epic adventures awaits you in "Orlando Furioso" by Ludovico Ariosto. Step into a world where knights, sorcerers, and mythical creatures collide, and where love and valor are put to the u...

Tales from Ariosto Cover image

Tales from Ariosto

The object of the present venture is to do something to revive the interest of the ordinary English reader in Ariosto. The present volume is intended to give some of the chief stories of the "Orlando Furioso" in such a way as to bring out also the ma...