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Lifetime: 1814 - 1873 Passed: ≈ 150 years ago





Luise Mühlbach

Luise Mühlbach was the pen name of Clara Mundt a German writer best known for her works of historical fiction, which enjoyed a wide, though short-lived popularity. Frederick the Great and His Court (German: Friedrich der Grosse und sein Hof) and many of her other novels have been translated into English.

She was born to Friedrich Andreas Müller and Friederika Müller in Neubrandenburg.

Books by Luise Mühlbach

Marie Antoinette and Her Son Cover image

Marie Antoinette and Her Son

Fiction Novel
Revolution Death Historical Fiction Inheritance Happiness Life

Marie Antoinette lives a happy life in a glittering court as Queen of France, but that soon changes as the revolution begins. Her son is Louis Charles, and his whole life changes with the death of his parents. But, that life is not what the people of...