Lifetime: 1866 - 1945 Passed: ≈ 79 years ago




United States

Marion Ames Taggart

Marion Ames Taggart was an American writer of verses, stories, and Catholic literature.

Marion Ames Taggart was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts. She was descended on the mother's side from English Puritans. Her great grandfather was Captain Benjamin Ames of Bunker Hill. The Taggarts, originally MacTaggarts, came from Scotland to New Hampshire five generations earlier. Taggart was unable to attend a school due to ill health. Except for languages and music, her mother provided for her education.At the age of 10, she learned more about the claims of rival religious sects and tried to discover which possessed the truth. In her teens, she began to study Catholic teaching, and was baptised in Boston. Her father was Catholic and her mother converted to Catholicism. Taggart began to write verses and stories at the age of 13. Except for a few which appeared in newspapers, nothing was published until she contributed regularly to The Young Catholic while still under the age of 20. She wrote for many secular and Catholic publications, and most of her writing was for children. She is known to have lived with her mother at Plainfield, New Jersey.

Books by Marion Ames Taggart

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Miss Lochinvar

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The Little Grey House

Fiction Novel
Family Drama Love Dream Spirit Kindness Challenges Ambition Resilience

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