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Lifetime: 1875 - 1939 Passed: ≈ 84 years ago


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Maurice Renard

Maurice Renard was a French writer and journalist who was born on February 28, 1875, and died on November 18, 1939. He is best known for his contribution to French science fiction literature and his interest in exploring the possibilities of the human mind. Renard had an interest in hypnosis, which he often incorporated into his works.

Renard was a prolific writer who published many works during his lifetime, including novels, short stories, and essays. Some of his notable works include "Les Mains d'Orlac" (The Hands of Orlac), "L'Homme Truqué" (The Man Who Was Made of Glass), and "Le Docteur Lerne - Sous-Dieu" (Doctor Lerne, Subgod).

Renard's writing style was characterized by his ability to create suspense and mystery, often leaving readers questioning the reality of the events in his stories. His stories often featured a combination of horror and science fiction elements, making his works unique and captivating.

In terms of his philosophy, Renard believed in the power of the human mind and its ability to shape reality. He explored the possibilities of the human psyche in his works, often using hypnosis as a tool to unlock the potential of the mind.

Renard died at the age of 64, leaving behind a legacy as one of the pioneers of French science fiction literature. He is remembered for his contributions to the genre, and his works continue to be read and appreciated by fans of science fiction and horror.

One interesting fact about Renard is that he was a friend and contemporary of other notable French writers such as André Breton and Louis Aragon, who were associated with the Surrealist movement. Although Renard did not identify as a Surrealist writer, his works were often compared to those of the movement due to their exploration of the subconscious mind and their use of fantastical elements.


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