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Lifetime: 1866 - 1934 Passed: ≈ 89 years ago


Politician, Historian



Mykhailo Hrushevsky

Mykhailo Hrushevsky was a Ukrainian historian, politician, and writer who is widely considered to be one of the most important figures in Ukrainian history. Born in the town of Starokostiantyniv in 1866, Hrushevsky grew up in a family of intellectuals and was well-educated from a young age. He went on to study history and philology at the University of Kiev, where he became interested in Ukrainian history and language.

Hrushevsky was a prominent figure in the Ukrainian national liberation movement, and he was involved in many political and cultural organizations that worked towards the goal of Ukrainian independence. He believed that Ukrainian culture and history were essential components of the Ukrainian national identity, and he dedicated much of his life to researching and writing about these subjects.

Hrushevsky's most notable work is his multi-volume history of Ukraine, which is still considered to be one of the most comprehensive and authoritative histories of the country. The work covers Ukrainian history from ancient times up to the early 20th century, and it is notable for its detailed and scholarly approach to the subject.

In addition to his historical work, Hrushevsky was also involved in politics and served as the first president of the Ukrainian People's Republic, which was established in 1917. He was a firm believer in democracy and the rule of law, and he worked tirelessly to promote these values in Ukraine.

Hrushevsky's philosophy was deeply influenced by his belief in the importance of Ukrainian culture and history. He believed that the Ukrainian people had a unique history and culture that deserved to be celebrated and preserved, and he saw his work as a historian and writer as a way of promoting this goal.

Hrushevsky died in 1934, but his legacy lives on in Ukraine and beyond. He is remembered as one of the most important figures in Ukrainian history, and his work has had a profound influence on the way that Ukrainians view their own culture and history. Today, his books are still widely read and studied by historians, scholars, and anyone interested in Ukrainian history and culture.

One interesting fact about Hrushevsky is that he was also a talented poet, and he published several collections of his own poetry during his lifetime. Although he is best known for his historical work, his poetry is still admired for its lyrical and evocative qualities.


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