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Lifetime: 1876 - 1925 Passed: ≈ 99 years ago


Educator, Author


United States

Norman Hinsdale Pitman

Norman Hinsdale Pitman (1876- 1925) was an educator and author. He was born in Lamont, Michigan. His works include: The Lady Elect: A Chinese Romance (1913), A Chinese Wonder Book (1919), Chinese Fairy Tales (1924) and Dragon Lure: A Romance of Peking (1925).

Books by Norman Hinsdale Pitman

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A Chinese Wonder Book

Fairy Tale
Short Story Children Tradition Folktales Culture Moral Childhood Magic

The Chinese Wonder Book is a compilation of Chinese folk tales for children full of moral values and insightful stories of China's culture and traditions. Some of the beloved stories included in this book are "The Golden Beetle or Why the Dog Hates t...