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Lifetime: 1854 - 1934 Passed: ≈ 90 years ago





Ossip Schubin

Aloisia Kirschner was an Austrian novelist, born in Prague and favorably known under her pseudonym Ossip Schubin, which she borrowed from the novel Helena by Ivan Turgenev.

Brought up on her parents' estate at Lochkov, she afterward spent several winters in Brussels, Paris, and Rome, receiving there, undoubtedly, many inspirations for her clever descriptions of artistic Bohemianism and international fashionable society, which were her favorite themes. An uncommonly keen observer, her great gift for striking characterization, frequently seasoned with sarcasm, is especially apparent in her delineations of the military and artistic circles in Austria-Hungary.

She died in 1934 at Schloss Kosatek, Bohemia.

Books by Ossip Schubin

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