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Lifetime: 1862 - 1943 Passed: ≈ 80 years ago


British writer


United Kingdom

R. Austin Freeman

R. Austin Freeman (1862-1943) was a British author of detective fiction. He is best known for his series of novels featuring the forensic scientist Dr. John Thorndyke. Freeman is credited with inventing the inverted detective story, a genre in which the crime and the perpetrator are revealed at the beginning of the story, and the rest of the narrative follows the detective's investigation to prove their guilt.


Freeman's detective stories were based on his principles of realism and scientific accuracy. He was a qualified medical doctor, and he used his knowledge of forensic science to create realistic and believable crime scenes and investigations. Freeman was also a strong advocate for the use of reason and logic in solving crimes.

Notable works

Freeman's most notable works include:

  • The Red Thumb Mark (1907)
  • The Eye of Osiris (1911)
  • The Singing Bone (1912)
  • The Unwilling Adventurer (1913)
  • A Savant's Vendetta (1914)
  • The Mystery of 31 New Inn (1919)
  • The Puzzle Lock (1922)
  • The Shadow of the Wolf (1923)
  • For the Defence: Dr. Thorndyke's Cases in Court (1933)
  • Dr. Thorndyke's Crime Museum (1934)


Freeman's philosophy was based on his belief in the power of reason and logic to solve any problem. He also believed that it was important to uphold the principles of justice and fair play, even when dealing with criminals.

Death and legacy

Freeman died on September 28, 1943, at the age of 81. He is remembered as one of the most important and influential authors of detective fiction. His work has inspired generations of writers, including Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Edgar Wallace.


R. Austin Freeman was a master of the detective story. His novels are characterized by their realism, scientific accuracy, and complex plots. Freeman's work continues to be enjoyed by readers today, and he remains one of the most important and influential authors of detective fiction.

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