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Rex Stout

Rex Stout was an American author, best known for his detective fiction featuring the iconic character Nero Wolfe. Stout was a prolific writer, producing over 70 novels and numerous novellas and short stories throughout his career.

Stout was born in Noblesville, Indiana, and grew up in Kansas. He began writing at a young age, and his first published work was a poem that appeared in a local newspaper when he was just nine years old. After graduating from high school, Stout attended the University of Kansas, but left before completing his degree to pursue a career in writing.

Stout's first novel, "How Like a God", was published in 1929, and he went on to write a series of novels featuring detective Nero Wolfe. The character of Wolfe was a brilliant, eccentric detective who solved crimes with the help of his assistant, Archie Goodwin. The Nero Wolfe series was enormously popular, and Stout's clever plotting, sharp wit, and vivid characterizations helped to establish him as one of the foremost writers of detective fiction in the 20th century.

Throughout his career, Stout was known for his dedication to the craft of writing and his adherence to a strict writing schedule. He believed in the importance of discipline and hard work, and was known for his meticulous research and attention to detail. His novels were also notable for their themes of social justice and political commentary, and he often used his writing to explore issues such as racism and corruption in American society.

Stout passed away in 1975 at the age of 88, but his legacy as one of the greatest detective fiction writers of all time continues to live on. His works have been translated into multiple languages and adapted for radio, television, and film. His most famous creation, Nero Wolfe, has become an enduring icon of detective fiction and continues to captivate readers and fans around the world.

In addition to his writing, Stout was also known for his interest in politics and social justice. He was a lifelong advocate for civil rights and worked with the NAACP to fight discrimination and segregation in America. He was also an active member of the Democratic Party and supported numerous progressive causes throughout his life.

Books by Rex Stout

The Last Drive Cover image

The Last Drive

Fiction Novel
Murder Young Mystery America Investigative United States Detective Fiction Secret Victim

The story revolves around the murder of a wealthy businessman and the investigation conducted by Nero Wolfe, a brilliant detective, and his assistant, Archie Goodwin. The murder takes place during a cattle drive, where the victim's body is found in a...

Under the Andes Cover image

Under the Andes

Under the Andes was written by Rex Stout years before his creation of the immensely popular Nero Wolfe series of novels, and while perhaps his future writing style is still blossoming, certainly his knack for weaving a fantastic tale of mystery and a...

Over My Dead Body Cover image

Over My Dead Body

It all began one day when two beautiful "females" as Archie called them, arrived in Nero Wolfe's. office with a problem Wolfe didn't want to touch. He did touch it though when there was murder in the fencing academy in which the girls worked as instr...