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Robert Herrick

Robert Herrick (baptized August 24, 1591 – buried October 15, 1674) was an English lyric poet and Anglican cleric. He is best known for Hesperides, a book of poems published in 1648.

Early life and education

Herrick was born in Cheapside, London, England, the seventh child and fourth son of Nicholas Herrick, a prosperous goldsmith. When Herrick was fourteen months old, his father died. At age sixteen, Herrick began a ten-year apprenticeship with his uncle.


After completing his apprenticeship, Herrick moved to London and began to write poetry. He was a member of the literary circle of Ben Jonson, and his early poems were published in Jonson's anthology, The Forrest (1616).

In 1629, Herrick was ordained as an Anglican priest. He served as a curate in Dean Prior, Devon, for the rest of his life.


Herrick's most famous work is Hesperides, a collection of over 1,400 poems. The poems in Hesperides are a celebration of the simple pleasures of life, such as love, nature, and food. They are also characterized by their wit and humor.


Herrick's philosophy was one ofcarpe diem, or "seize the day." He believed that life is short and that we should enjoy it to the fullest. He also believed in the importance of love, friendship, and family.

Death and legacy

Herrick died in Dean Prior in 1674. He is remembered as one of the most important poets of the 17th century. His poems are still read and enjoyed today.

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