Lifetime: 1867 - 1920 Passed: ≈ 104 years ago




United States

Robert Matteson Johnston

Robert Matteson Johnston was an American historian and an important scholar of military history. He was born in Paris, Texas, and educated at Eton College and Pembroke College, Cambridge. He taught at Harvard University and Mount Holyoke College, and was a founding member of the faculty at Simmons University. In 1917, he was appointed Chief of the Historical Section of the General Staff in the field with the rank of major in the United States Army.

Books by Robert Matteson Johnston

Napoleon: A Short Biography  Cover image

Napoleon: A Short Biography

Nationalism History Napoleon War Autobiography Personality Empire Short Works French Revolution Warriors Roman French

This is a 'lightning biography' which serves as an introduction to the field of Napoleonic history. Its purpose is to enable the ordinary reader or would-be student safely to take the first few steps in Napoleonic literature. This is not a short hist...

The French Revolution  Cover image

The French Revolution

Military French Revolution Historical French

This book is an outline of the overall shape and impact of the French Revolution, with references given for deeper study. It is a deliberately short and approachable work, suitable for those reading about the French Revolution for the first time, or...