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Lifetime: 1872 - 1949 Passed: ≈ 74 years ago


American Author, Editor, Publisher


United States

Russell Doubleday

Russell Doubleday was an American author, editor and publisher. He was the brother of Frank Nelson Doubleday, and son of William Edwards Doubleday and Ellen Maria "Ella" Dickinson. 


Doubleday served in the naval militia in the Spanish–American War. From 1909 to 1912, he was the advertising manager for his brother's publishing firm, Doubleday, Page & Company. Later, he was its vice-president, secretary and a director. For much of his career, Doubleday was director of the editorial department. For a time after 1928, he edited the magazine, World's Work. 

Books by Russell Doubleday

Stories of Inventors Cover image

Stories of Inventors

History Non-Fiction Science
Discovery Inventions

Doubleday chronicles the history of everyday inventions that form the foundation of technology now common through the world. While some of the inventions are no longer used, each example shows how inventors contributed to technology through persevera...