Ruth Plumly Thompson


Lifetime: 1891 - 1976 Passed: ≈ 48 years ago


American Writer


United States

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Ruth Plumly Thompson was an American author known for her contributions to children's literature. Born on July 27, 1891, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Thompson gained recognition as the second official author of the popular "Oz" series following the death of L. Frank Baum, the series' original creator.

Thompson's principles as a writer were rooted in imagination, creativity, and a deep understanding of the magical world of Oz. She believed in the power of storytelling to captivate young minds and transport them to fantastical realms filled with adventure and wonder. Thompson was dedicated to continuing Baum's legacy and maintaining the spirit of the "Oz" series, ensuring that readers could continue to explore the enchanting land of Oz through her imaginative tales.

Ruth Plumly Thompson became famous for her extensive contributions to the "Oz" series, writing a total of nineteen books set in the magical world. Her works, such as "The Gnome King of Oz" and "The Lost King of Oz," expanded the Oz universe, introducing new characters, adventures, and places for readers to explore. Thompson's storytelling skills and her ability to capture the essence of Baum's original vision made her a beloved and respected figure among fans of the series.

In terms of philosophy, Thompson believed in the enduring power of imagination and the importance of maintaining a childlike sense of wonder. Through her stories, she aimed to ignite the imaginations of young readers, encouraging them to embrace their creativity and explore the limitless possibilities of their minds.

Ruth Plumly Thompson passed away on April 6, 1976, leaving behind a rich literary legacy. She is remembered as a talented author who skillfully continued the "Oz" series, bringing joy and excitement to countless children and adults alike. Her contributions to children's literature have solidified her place as a prominent figure in the world of fantasy and imagination.

A fun fact about Ruth Plumly Thompson is that she wrote a weekly column for the Philadelphia Public Ledger for over twenty years under the pseudonym "Phyllis Pennypacker." This column allowed her to engage with readers and share her insights and stories, further showcasing her writing talent and connection with her audience.

In conclusion, Ruth Plumly Thompson was a prolific author who left an indelible mark on children's literature through her imaginative contributions to the "Oz" series. Her dedication to storytelling, her adherence to Baum's original vision, and her belief in the power of imagination have made her a cherished figure in the world of fantasy literature.

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