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Lifetime: 1874 - 1936 Passed: ≈ 87 years ago


Novelist, Playwright


United States

Samuel Merwin

Samuel Merwin, Sr. was an American playwright and author.  

Merwin was born on 6 October 1874 in Evanston, Illinois to Ella B. and Orlando H. Merwin. His father was the postmaster of Evanston. In 1901, Merwin married Edna Earl Fleshiem. The couple had two sons, Samuel Kimball Merwin, Jr. and Banister Merwin and one adopted son, John Merwin.  


After attending Northwestern University, he worked between 1905 and 1911 as associate editor and then editor of Success magazine. In 1907 the magazine sent him to China to investigate the opium trade.  


He died of a stroke while dining at The Player's Club in Manhattan on 17 October 1936.  

Books by Samuel Merwin

Drugging a Nation Cover image

Drugging a Nation

History Non-Fiction
Social Science Culture Anthropology

Drugging a Nation is a journalistic reveal of the extent to which the British Empire was culpable in the dissemination and subsequent near total addiction to opium of the Chinese people in the nineteenth century. So weak did it make China, that is wa...

The Short Line War  Cover image

The Short Line War

Fiction Political Science War
Love Young Thriller Success Suspense Espionage political Imagination General Fiction

"The Short Line War is a story that will appeal more particularly to the sterner sex, and we take it that the hyphenated name, Merwin-Webster, stands for two healthy-minded young men who have put their heads together and who have mapped out this stor...