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Lifetime: 1890 - 1972 Passed: ≈ 52 years ago




United States

Seckatary Hawkins

Robert F. Schulkers is the author of a series of children's novels.  The 11 novels were first published between 1921 and 1932, although many appeared first in serialized form in The Cincinnati Enquirer and hundreds of other newspapers around the country. The eleven novels are: Stoner's Boy, Seckatary Hawkins in Cuba, The Red Runners, The Gray Ghost, Stormie the Dog Stealer, Knights of the Square Table, Ching Toy, The Chinese Coin, The Yellow Y, Herman the Fiddler, and The Ghost of Lake Tapaho.

Schulkers further popularized the series through a nationally syndicated NBC radio broadcast from Chicago and an extensive number of Seckatary Hawkins clubs in larger metropolitan areas. The official club name was "The Fair and Square Club". The club slogan was "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits".

Books by Seckatary Hawkins

Seckatary Hawkins in Cuba Cover image

Seckatary Hawkins in Cuba

Adventure Fiction
Young Mystery Action Treasure Narrative Fun

Seckatary Hawkins, the genial fat boy, is a favorite character with everyone who enjoys the deeds of a very real boy who manages to discover that adventure and mystery are not so very far off for one who looks for them. In Seckatary Hawkins in Cuba,...

The Knights of the Square Table Cover image

The Knights of the Square Table

Young Mystery Action Crimes Witty Communism Bravery

The book follows a group of young boys who form a secret society known as the Knights of the Square Table. The boys, led by their fearless leader Seckatary Hawkins, embark on various adventures and mysteries as they try to solve crimes and protect th...

Red Runners Cover image

Red Runners

This Is one of the Hawkins series and a right good one at that! Big boys and little boys, manly and "yellow", all these figure in the adventures which are recounted and the reader is quite breathless by the time he has taken part even vicariously in...