Lifetime: 1864 - 1939 Passed: ≈ 85 years ago


Critic, Editor



Temple Scott

Temple Scott was an Irish literary figure and writer known for his contributions to Irish literature and his work as a critic and editor. Born in Dublin in 1864, Scott spent much of his life immersed in the literary scene of Ireland, becoming a key figure in the Irish Literary Revival.

Scott was known for his commitment to preserving and promoting Irish culture and language, and his work as a translator helped to introduce Irish literature to a wider audience. He was also a vocal advocate for the importance of literature in shaping national identity and the need for a distinct Irish literary tradition.

Scott's most notable works include his translations of Irish literature, including "The Poems of Oisin" by W.B. Yeats, and his edited collections of Irish poetry and prose. He was also the founder and editor of the Irish Review, a literary journal that showcased the work of emerging Irish writers and thinkers.

Scott's philosophy was rooted in his belief in the transformative power of literature and its ability to shape the national consciousness. He saw Irish literature as a vital tool for the preservation of Irish culture and language and worked tirelessly to promote and support Irish writers and their work.

Scott died in 1939, but his legacy as a champion of Irish literature and culture lives on. He is remembered for his contributions to the Irish Literary Revival and his role in shaping the Irish literary tradition. His translations and edited collections continue to be celebrated for their importance in preserving and promoting Irish literature.

A fun fact about Temple Scott is that he was a close friend and collaborator of W.B. Yeats, another key figure in the Irish Literary Revival. The two men worked together on several projects, including Scott's translations of Yeats' poetry into Irish, and their friendship and shared vision for Irish literature helped to shape the literary landscape of Ireland in the early 20th century.

In summary, Temple Scott was an important figure in Irish literature and culture, known for his contributions as a writer, editor, and translator. His commitment to promoting and preserving Irish culture and language, as well as his belief in the transformative power of literature, continue to inspire and influence writers and thinkers today. His books and translations remain popular and relevant, making him a lasting presence in the world of Irish literature.

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